How much do you cost ?

Our performance fee is charged to your own event and will vary by location of venue, traveling fees, the length of performance and so on. You can email us on the booking page for a no-obligation quote.

Do you use backing tracks ?

No! We are a completely live band, everything you hear is played live on the night. However we are of course happy to provide recorded background music during breaks etc as required to make your event flow.

Where can we see you perform ?

We strongly recommend that before booking any band you actually see them play live. We perform showcases throughout the year – usually on a Sunday afternoon and always in a comfortable, family-friendly environment. This is definitely the best way to hear & see us play, meet the guys and chat about your plans. Our showcases are relaxed, informal and great fun – we guarantee absolutely no obligation or “hard sell”. For more information please contact us!

Can our event include a ceilidh?

Absolutely! We perform a selection of Scottish dances and importantly we will “call the dances” for you  – ie talk the guests through each dance. This is always great fun as everyone who wants to can join in, even if they’ve never tried ceilidh dancing. We usually find that two 30 minute ceilidh sections to the evening works best; one early on (always a great ice-breaker) and another later, each consisting of a couple of dances. Typically we would lead your guests through a “Gay Gordons”, a “Dashing White Sergeant” a “Canadian Barn Dance” and a “Strip The Willow”

Can I choose the set of songs that you play ?

Most clients book us because they love the wide variety and selection of music that we play. With years of experience in entertainment, we ask that you trust us to select the songs and the order in which we play them in to ensure the best night possible. Our repertoire is constantly evolving so we can adapt what we play to the evening as it unfolds. However please feel free to let us know what kind of “feel” you want for your evening (for example, maybe you’d like plenty of 70’s disco, or perhaps there are going to be a lot of young people there who will want to hear recent chart hits) and let us know any songs you prefer from our repertoire and we will ensure they are played so that we can tailor our performance to you and to your guests.

What if there is a special song we really want you to play that is not in your setlist?

As part of our package we will learn a song just for you – ANY song, ANY style, ANY artist. This could be for your first dance or perhaps to finish the night off.

Can we sing or play with you?

Yes! We love a bit of fun – but we do ask that this is discussed before the evening itself.

Will I also need to hire a DJ/Disco?

No need! We have an excellent sound and lighting system and we are happy to play a selection of continuous recorded music between our live performances. Most clients do not find that they need a DJ in addition to the band. We can provide a mix of suitable music or you can bring along an mp3 player with your own playlist of songs to play through our system.

How long does the sound-check and set-up take ?

It takes about an hour to set-up & sound check equipment. This will typically take place after your meal, usually at the same time as the venue staff are “turning the room around” ie clearing away tables etc in readiness for the evening section.. For us to do a full sound-check we ask that there be no guests in the room at this time.

How long do you play for?

We perform from 8pm to midnight with one break in the middle for your buffet. We can perform for longer if needed but this must be by prior agreement and there is normally an additional charge. Please note you will also need to agree this with your venue who may also make an additional charge.

How loud do you play?

The volume of the band is matched to the size of your venue. We prefer to play at a level that is comfortable for everyone to enjoy.